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A picorna-like virus suppresses the N-end rule pathway to inhibit apoptosis
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Zhaowei Wang Xiaoling Xia Xueli Yang Xueyi Zhang Yongxiang Liu Di Wu Yuan Fang Yujie Liu Jiuyue Xu Yang Qiu Xi Zhou


eLIFE, Dec 12, 2017



The N-end rule pathway is an evolutionarily conserved proteolytic system that degrades proteins containing N-terminal degradation signals called N-degrons, and has emerged as a key regulator of various processes. Viruses manipulate diverse host pathways to facilitate viral replication and evade antiviral defenses. However, it remains unclear if viral infection has any impact on the N-end rule pathway. Here, using a picorna-like virus as a model, we found that viral infection promoted the accumulation of caspase-cleaved Drosophila inhibitor of apoptosis 1 (DIAP1) by inducing the degradation of N-terminal amidohydrolase 1 (NTAN1), a key N-end rule component that identifies N-degron to initiate the process. The virus-induced NTAN1 degradation is independent of polyubiquitylation but dependent on proteasome. Furthermore, the virus-induced N-end rule pathway suppression inhibits apoptosis and benefits viral replication. Thus, our findings demonstrate that a virus can suppress the N-end rule pathway, and uncover a new mechanism for virus to evade apoptosis.